Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY: How to Make Bridesmaids Boxes

Hey Guys, 
I haven't posted a recipe in like a week, and I'm so sorry!
But I'll make sure to post one tomorrow in order to make up for time lost...
In the meantime, I decided to post my first-ever DIY post. 
Woah, you're mind was just blown. I get it. 
Since we got engaged, I have been busy cranking out personalized boxes for my 'maids.

They include the following:
1. A personalized letter to each girl
2. A guide to what's in this special box
3. A homemade paper doll chain of all of my bridesmaids
4. A mini pink champagne can, fit with a vintage gold paper straw
5. Gold Nail Polish (goes with the theme of our wedding)
6. Wedding Color Palettes, Important Details, + a "Get to Know Each Other" Introduction
7. Inspiration Pictures (or what to expect our wedding to look like)
8. Confetti Bags that say "Party Like Gatsby" for celebrations
9. An Invitation to our Chicks + Dicks Party (a.k.a our joint bachelor-bachelorette party)

Now for the nitty-gritty details, these boxes took a lot of work and a lot of organization, and I completely understand that this is not for everyone. However, I am a girl who loves crafty projects and I especially wanted to make each of my bridesmaids special by giving them a box of goodies, knowing that they will have to do soooooooo much for me throughout this year, leading up to the wedding. Luckily for y'all, you can leave out as many components as you like, which will certainly make them easier :) By far, the homemade paper doll chain of all my bridesmaids was the hardest project. Cutting out 36 different bodies, dresses, shoes, hairstyles, etc. I was exhausted!! But nonetheless, I loved the way they turned out. After I assembled all the boxes, I wrapped them in cute floral wrapping paper and accentuated it with a pretty bow + labeling address. I send them out tomorrow and I can't wait to hear the feedback from all my girls :) Enjoy all the pictures (because there are A LOT)!!

Fabrics For Stuff in the Boxes
Sequin Paper
Cutest Floral Wrapping Paper
Making Some Gold Glittered Clothespins 
Glitter-fying the Chicks + Dicks Party Invites
Chicks + Dicks Invites All Done
Yep, there is a tank top required :)
T-shirts are in... Soon to be dyed and turned into tanks!! 
More C+D Party Fun...
The beginning of color palettes...
Gotta add some glitter...
And of course, some chevron..
Important Details about Our Day, Their Role, & The Dresses
An Introduction of Each Bridesmaid (and why I love them so much)
Lots of tracing...
And more tracing...
Ahh, they have hair + dresses!
Now their bouquets have been added.
slowly, but surely coming together.
Oh man, don't they just look darling!
doll chains, champagne cans, & personalized letters
and more...
my little bridesmaids army
personalized letter with each girls' strand
gold nail polish + gold stuffing in their boxes
pink champs cans with gold paper straw + vintage pink ribbon
Starting to assemble some stuff...
Inspiration Photos
More assembling...
"Party Like Gatsby" Confetti Bags
Laying out the inventory...
All the bridesmaids boxes have been wrapped, labeled, + ready to be delivered :)

XOXO, Juliana

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  1. Sooo super cute!! I will have to remember these inspiring and fun ideas when I'm helping my son's fiance plan their special day. I really admire your abilities, would you ever want to do it professionally? I so love the movie "The wedding planner" I'm looking forward to reading all the plans almost as much as looking forward to all the great recepies you post. don't forget to get test too so you don't wear yourself out.