Friday, September 20, 2013

Restaurant Reviews : Heirloom Market BBQ in Smyrna, Georgia

Here is the second edition of Restaurant Reviews... YAY :)
I first featured one of my favorites, JCT Kitchen...
But today, I'm featuring one of my other favorites, Heirloom Market BBQ.
Some of you have heard of it and rightfully so
It has killer BBQ with a Korean AND Southern fusion flair. 
You heard me right, fusion cuisine is absolutely the best, bar none.

The Front of Heirloom Market BBQ
Now, if you aren't from the area or haven't heard/read about it... you might miss this little gem. It's hidden in the parking lot of a gas station right off the highway. And thank gawd for that because it's already so crowded, I have to remain selfish so that none of you come eat all my food before I get there!! Just kidding, well kinda, not sorta... okay really. I'd say we eat here about 2-3 times a WEEK. Yep, it's our go-to pickup spot. And my friends, that means we have tried absolutely everything + anything. They all deliver, but here are some of our favorite meals (in pictures)...
The cooks are at work and some people waiting on their grub at the communal table... 
Korean Fried Chicken, Cucumber-Radish Salad, and Assorted Coleslaws & Pickles
Spicy Korean Pork Sandwich... a HMBBQ favorite. 
More KFC Chicken
Kimchee Coleslaw + Apple Coleslaw
Okay, it's obvious we like the fried chicken...
The Cucumber-Radish Coleslaw is perfectly sweet & sour. Love. 
Yeah, it's obsessive.
One of their many signs. 
Assorted Taco's
their yummy mac n' cheese, tempura onion rings, & kimchee coleslaw
Divine Banana Pudding
Texas Trio: Brisket, Ribs, & Smoked Sausage 
brisket sandwich with cucumber-radish coleslaw, KB BBQ sauce,
Tempura Onion Ring, & Pickles 
Cucumber-Radish Salad & Tempura Onion Rings
THE ULTIMATE FAVORITE: Tempura Sweet Potatoes with Sweet Asian Dipping Sauce
Fried Okra with Sauce
Smoked Chicken Wings... Spicy & Sweet :)
Overall, Heirloom Market BBQ is a classic and always somewhere we can count on to deliver great food day-in & day-out. There really isn't one dish that I can recommend over the other because they are all stellar. But, make sure to keep an eye out for their daily specials, which they update every morning on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I hope y'all can make it out there soon!!

Our Rating Scale:
**** (4 out of 4 stars)
$     (dishes range from $5 to $15 depending on the specials)
Would I go back again: Hell Yes... almost every day
Service: 5 (rated on a scale of 1-5)

I hope y'all enjoyed the second of Restaurant Reviews :)
XOXO, Juliana

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