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Triple Decker Turducken Club Sandwich with a Trio of Roasted Chicken, Smoked Turkey, & Duck Confit, Finished with Cranberry-Jalapeno Relish, + Gravy-Soaked Stuffing Cake

Triple Decker Turducken Club Sandwich with a Trio of Roasted Chicken, Smoked Turkey,
& Duck Confit, Finished with Cranberry-Jalapeno Relish, + Gravy-Soaked Stuffing Cake
I'm back againnnnnnnn. Aren't y'all so proud? I know, I know (pats on the back), I am too. And this recipe, it's gonna be a goodie. I have said time + time again that the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers. So true. Can I get an amen to that?! Well, normally we keep it kinda casual and stuff some turkey, arugula, Boursin cheese, cranberry sauce, and a stuffing cake in between two slices of bread. This years, however, makes me never wanna go back. Yep, I said it. PS have y'all ever made a Turducken for Thanksgiving?? We did one year, and we loved it, but never made it again. That makes no sense whatsoever, but a true story nonetheless. Anyway, I wanted so badly to turn a Turducken into a sandwich... a thanksgiving leftover sandwich. a thanksgiving leftover club. A Triple Decker Thanksgiving Leftover Club Sandwich. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT. So what does the sandwich entail, you all are probably asking. Well, it includes proteins like roasted chicken, smoked turkey, duck confit, and thick cut bacon. How amazing is that?? Four meats, one plate. There's also some french toasted-gravy soaked-savory bread pudding cake (a crispy stuffing cake can be substituted as well) and herbed compound butter fried bread slices to build the many layers. Then you have three sauces: homemade roasted garlic aioli, dijon mustard, and some cranberry-jalapeno relish/sauce. A sandwich is never finished without the fillers, like frisee greens, seasoned tomatoes, Havarti cheese, and crumbled Boursin. This is mammoth. So big, there are actual directions to unhinge your jaw and devour the grub like an anaconda. It's really your choice, but pretty important if you're going to have success eating it. Yum, I want it back now. Make it STAT, y'all!! Enjoy :)

For the Turducken Club Sandwich:
Herbed Compound Butter Fried Bread (I used sourdough)
Homemade Roasted Garlic Aioli
Dijon Mustard
Mama Jones’ Famous Cranberry-Jalapeno Relish Mold (or any cranberry sauce)
Slices of Havarti Cheese & Crumbled Boursin Cheese (can substitute goat cheese)
Slices of Roasted Chicken
Applewood Smoked Thick Cut Bacon
Leftover Stuffing Cake, Cooked until Crispy & Drizzled with Turkey Gravy
Slices of Smoked Turkey
Shredded Duck Confit
Baby Arugula or Frisee Greens
Slices of Tomato (sprinkled with a little salt & pepper)

1. Fry the two slices of bread (for one sandwich) in homemade herbed compound butter until it achieves a deep golden brown color. Fry one stuffing cake or slice of savory bread pudding dipped in a French toast batter (posted yesterday) until crispy. Set these three pieces of toasted bread aside on a cutting board, so you can begin the layering process.
2. Spread on the homemade roasted garlic aioli, Dijon mustard, and cranberry-jalapeno relish on the two slices of bread & stuffing cakes (making sure to use the cranberry slathered sourdough for the top of the sandwich). Starting from the bottom, with the mustard slathered sourdough, lay down a slice of havarti cheese, followed by some roasted chicken, thick cut bacon, frisee greens, seasoned tomatoes, crumbled Boursin cheese, and a drizzle of more roasted garlic aioli. Top that layer with the stuffing/bread pudding cake component, along with a drizzle of warm gravy, with slices of smoked turkey, shredded duck confit, frisee greens, seasoned tomatoes, crumbled Boursin cheese, and drizzle on some more roasted garlic aioli (if you like, it keeps the sandwich moist and flavorful). Finish with one last slice of havarti cheese and the layer of cranberry relish slathered bread, making sure it is a super thick schmear of the fruity compote because it gives great sweetness & acidity.
3. Stick a long toothpick into the sandwich, to hold it together (trust me you’re going to need it), and cut it into halves or fourths. Now, unhinge your jaw and devour this masterpiece only like an anaconda could.

And now for some pictures of our Thanksgiving celebration (better late than never)...

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