Monday, June 23, 2014

Life As Of Lately... the wedding edition

I have been such a bad blogger...
But it truly is super hard to balance blogging, etsy orders, school, and most of all, wedding planning
Since I decided to forgo hiring a wedding planner, I have done everything myself
it is all-consuming. trust me on that one y'all...
So here are some pictures of the process this far 

Our invitations wrapped in triple baker's twine + monogram heart

Testing out our new personalized stamp

Our invitation suite

Our beautiful calligraphy

Mastering the seating chart

My dancing shoes 

My labels for my gourmet Bellini bar

My first makeup trial

Loving the twine 

Some florals that'll be used in my bouquet-- eek!

More invitation assembling 

My mom's antique cabinet that will be used for our pie bar display

Black, Gold, & Pink

Confetti for celebrating 

The whole layout

My blush dress + accessories

Love the envelope liners 

We're each others lobsters

Let the puzzle commence

I'm his -- he's mine

My gorgeous Alice + Olivia clutch 

My locket that will be attached to my bouquet with my handsome
father and gorgeous mother on their wedding day

So perfect 

Georgia koozies for my side + Alabama koozies for Clayton's side

Our sequin placemats

Fringe Garland for decor in our wedding colors

XOXO, Juliana (a.k.a. the wedding planning junkie)

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  1. I love the "Lobster" "friends" best wishes to you and your Lobster. Miss B.