Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life As Of Lately...

It's been far too long
So, here's my life, as of lately...

Homemade Salty Vanilla Bean-Dulce de Leche Iced Coffee with Coffee Ice Cubes.
This iced coffee recipe is oh-so-dreamy
Best investment I ever made... A cup that turns your drink into a slushie (boom)
Seared Steak Pizza with Red Onion Marmalade, Mozzarella, Crumbled Bleu Cheese,
Dried Cherries, Candied Hazelnuts, Filet Mignon, Baby Arugula, & Balsamic Reduction Drizzle 
"Haute" Hawaiian Pizza with Cilantro Pesto, Burrata & Parmesan Cheese, Shaved Red Onions,
Reconstituted Dried Pineapple in Candied Garlic Syrup, Serrano Ham, Baby Arugula, & Red Chili
Pepper Fleur de Sel
My Mountain Man's Birthday Dinner: Beer + Shrimp + Grits
Gourmet Deli Meats from our favorite little cafe in Atlanta, Star Provisions.
Beer + Fried Oysters
My best friend is gettin' marriedddd :)
Nashville Hot Chicken Fried Shrimp + Oyster Po'boy with Bread n' Butter Pickles and Buttermilk
Romaine Slaw on Honey Buttered Texas Toast
Midnight Snack... Fresh Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts (the only way to do it) 
the. yummiest. grilled. cheese. on. the. planet.  
shrimp po'boy + southern potato salad from star provisions. 

XOXO, Juliana

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