Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Mexican Triple Dipper Trio

The Mexican Triple Dipper Trio
Cinco de Mayo is peakin' 'round that corner y'all. I swear, can we just claim Cinco de Mayo as an American holiday yet? It practically is. I mean it makes the list of top ten favorite holidays to celebrate in my book. Icy, cold margaritas, check... extra special gourmet tacos, check... dips galore, check. These are important things when hostin' a Mexican fiesta. Booze must be flowing and an unending supply of crunchy tortilla chips are a must. Well, the dip that I am sharing with you today, it'll go down as one of our favorites. Why, you ask? Because it combines the three big boys of dips into one glorious swirled/layered bowl. It includes fresh pico de gallo, chunky guacamole, + creamy candied jalapeno queso. We made homemade queso following this recipe, but you could easily find some at your local grocery store or pick up your favorite dip from a Mexican restaurant. All we did was add a whole bunch of candied jalapenos, which if you read my blog, then you already know my undying love for those sweet + spicy jalapenos. Once you've got all your dips together, you just pour in the melty cheese dip and garnish with a rimming of homemade pico de gallo and a center of chunky guacamole. Perfection... and so easy! I know there aren't many people like us, but whenever we go get our weekly Mexican fix, we always order this trio dips and mix them together. Don't hate until you've tried it, peeps! 'Cuz it be soooooo good. I'll be posting a list of recipes that you should consider making for your Cinco de Mayo parties this weekend. So take a peek at those and possibly make some... AND report back!! Enjoy :)

just oh-so-perfect in my book.
For the Mexican Triple Dipper Trio: (even though it really ain't a recipe, ha)
Homemade or Store Bought Fresh Pico de Gallo
Homemade or Store Bought Creamy Queso Dip (with the addition of candied/pickled jalapenos)
Homemade or Store Bought Chunky Guacamole 
Tortilla Dips, For Serving

1. In a large serving bowl, pour in the candied jalapeno queso dip. Using a spoon, gently rim the bowl with some of the homemade pico de gallo. Place a large mound of chunky guacamole in the center of the dip. Serve immediately while the queso is still warm with some tortilla chips for dippin'. Oh and a margarita for drinkin'. Enjoy!!

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