Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Staples : Creamy Burrata Caprese Salad with Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil Chiffonade, Balsamic Reduction, + Homemade Pesto

Creamy Burrata Caprese Salad with Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil Chiffonade,
Balsamic Reduction, + Homemade Pesto
Another day, another Summer Staple. I love these kinds of recipes. Quick, fast, easy peazy, simple, fresh, yummy, and everything else under the sun. The summer sun, matter of fact. Okay, so let's talk heirloom tomatoes. I'm convinced they could cure anything. Maybe, I dunno, we'll figure that out later. It's funny though, when I walk into Whole Foods, the only thing, and the first thing, I think about are seeing the 'maters. I mean, it's like a laser-focus, aiming of the cart, get-outta-my-way-or-i'll-hurt-you-if-you-get-the-heirloom-tomato-that-I-want Nascar type movement. Literally grabbing 10 of them, I hear my Mountain Man say, "you realize these are like $7 a pound, right?"... yea, I do, SO WHAT. They are worth every penny. And the best way to use them is in a Caprese Salad. 
Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes. Fresh Basil. Mozzarella. Homemade Pesto. Balsamic Reduction.
That's it. But, check this out. Mozzarella is out, Burrata. It's just so cool. It's kinda like on Mean Girls where they can only wear pink on Monday's... No? Like Burrata is so special that you can't eat it every day. Only on Monday's, while wearing pink, and hangin' out with pre-rehab LaLohan. In all honesty, I could eat it every night, but could not afford the price of fresh, large Burrata balls. To finish this off, and oh simply, place the Burrata in the center of a plate and top it with a drizzle of olive oil and a spinkle of salt & pepper. The homemade pesto and balsamic reduction make + take the meal, here. There is a perfect sweetness when those two besties are thrown into the salad. All you have to do, is burst that Burrata open and let that cream take control of you, let the creamy glory rush all over your body, and slowly make it back down to reality. This shit is gonna be good, more like, great. AND, anyone could pull it off!! Enjoy :)
up-close of a pre-cut burrata. 
i swear it might burst. 
whup, there it goes. 
For the Caprese Salad:
Gorgeous Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes, Cut into Chunks or Slices
Fresh Basil Chiffonade
Prepared Balsamic Reduction, For Drizzling
Burrata Cheese Balls (whole)
Homemade Pesto, For Topping
Salt & Pepper, To Taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, For Drizzling

1. For the Caprese Salad: Place the ball of Burrata cheese in the center of a plate. Artfully pile the chunks (or slices) of rainbow heirloom tomatoes around the cheese. Sprinkle the basil Chiffonade all over the salad, along with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt & pepper. Top the Burrata cheese with a scoop of homemade pesto.
2. Enjoy with a glass of wine and relax during this awesomeness!!

**I pre-apologize for the simplicity of this recipe, don't hate me**


  1. Oober yumminess! When you first posted a recepie using Buratta cheese I immediately went on a search for it in stores here. sad to say not one carried it, some didn't even know what it was :( I knew the only way I was going to get to experience this baby was to. make my own. So here I am talking so much about how much I NEEDED this cheese, frustration setting in with me and my oh so patient hubby looking all over for it, when I take on the task of making it...from scratch. Just as I'm finished with some pretty ugly balls of mush in walks my hubby with 6 perfect balls he ordered from Amazon and had overnighted! Needless to say I used those, had some great pizza and a lot of wine. Now It's the only mozzarella I will eat. Thanks for the introduction and inspiration. Miss B

    1. Burrata. is. heavenly. simple. as. that. AND worth all the hustle!