Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Piece, Love, + Cooking Engagement!!

This Fourth of July celebration couldn't have been any better...
Because my Mountain Man officially popped the question on America's birthday!!
After six years together, we are finally engaged to be married next August :)
I'm so happy that I found the best guy in the whole entire world. 
Thanks to all of my friends + family who helped make our special day, special.
I'll post a recipe tomorrow, but for now here's pictures from our first days together as fiances

XOXO, Juliana + My Mountain Man


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a perfect day for it as well. I remember 24 years ago when we married as if it were yesterday, I still get butterflies in my tummy when I think of him or when I see his number on my phone.. I still get flowers and surprises all the time and we have never had a fight, life is just too short to be upset with the love of your life. I hope you both have a wonderful life together, and try not to stress the details of planning the wedding, just have fun with it. Miss B

    1. Thank you, Miss B!! It means a lot coming from you! We're so excited about the wedding planning process and have already set a date... and MORE importantly, a killer custom menu!! I just can't wait for the tasting, haha :)