Monday, July 22, 2013

Life As Of Lately...

Here's what's happenin' 'round this joint, as of lately...
Lots of wedding stuff + grillin' out, that's for sure.

jack 'n coke slushies in mason jars.
homemade bridesmaids details.
ke$ha is around here somewhere.
a letter to all my girls.
cupcakes from camicake's.
best hummus ever with marinated ground lamb.
best shrimp po'boy + my favorite, sparkling rose lemonade.
the "cronut" or "doissant" has hit atlanta, y'all.
late night drunk food.
caramel macchiato ice cream with bourbon caramel sauce.
homemade bridesmaids boxes.
cotton candy sky
homemade paper doll chain bridesmaids.
color palette schemes.
me + one of my bridesmaids with pink champagne jello shots.
more color palettes
making the paper chain dolls
pink champs can with vintage floral straw
chicks + dicks party invites (our version of joint bachelor-bachelorette party)
she was so hot after our walk, she laid on an ice pack.
gold nail polish for each bridesmaids.
glitter nail polish to match my ring
glitter, glitter everywhere 
black + gold chevron
makin' the bridesmaids hair for the dolls
making the yummy bellini's
invite + t-shirt design
bridesmaids inspired invite for the chicks + dicks party
southern potato salad
best. drink. ever.
just got the party t-shirts in!!
the boxes are coming together nicely :)
homemade rosemary-shallot focaccia 

XOXO, Juliana

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