Monday, November 4, 2013

Life As Of Lately...

Drumroll please...

The winner is JENNA BYARS!!
Congratulations on winning a jar of Savannah Bee Company's Winter White Honey :)
Please e-mail me at or message me via the PLC Facebook page
 because I will need an address to ship your gift to you
Thanks to all who commented or liked pictures of the Salty Winter White Honey Pie
And check back here for more opportunities to win cool stuff
Meanwhile, here's a 'Life As Of Lately' post.

Cool, crispy Autumn days are upon us...
And I stand firm behind my love of this time of the year over the heat of the Summer.
The following pictures capture my every day life while enjoying the arrival of Fall
From bridemaids stuff to Chicks + Dicks Party prepping, and simple musings 
So, bring on the pumpkin spice lattes, spiked hot chocolate, and mulled apple ciders, y'all :)

Lindsay's bridesmaid box finally arrived YAY
flashback: matching flannel couple during a mountain house trip
jiggly boob necklace for the Chicks + Dicks Party
my Mountain Man brought me home surprise cupcakes
oversized sparkly, spiked bow headband + XOXO vintage straws
Mountain Man-Inspired Ken Doll... to be used for our trashy C+D party cake
emme got her box too YAY
five tophats for a small hatter reunion at the C+D party (tophat soccer girls for life)
weezy + lucy= new BFF's
eloise in her ladybug costume for Halloween
black glittery nails
arrest plaques for funny day-after C+D party pictures 
my ombre rainbow butterfly headband. fab-yew-lush.
this girl right here will be getting a new last name in a year!!
sweet potato-pecan pie with crushed 'nilla wafer crust
it constantly feels like summer down here, so much so, that we're still grilling out
got in my bridesmaids skirt for my best friends wedding :)
"Till Death Do Us Party" cake topper
butterfly headband + ridiculously amazing feather hair extensions 
A Ke$ha Barbie (for the C+D party cake), sparkly lightning bolt earrings, and blue
lipstick for my Ke$ha themed bachelorette party  
rocky candy stirrers for my C+D party hunch punch 
such a ham
my heart melts for these two
I'M A BLONDE NOW... just kidding
leopard hat + mittens
more funny cake toppers... a guy's urinal, american beer, and a toilet 
sleeping on the kitchen floor. 
the inside of emme's bridesmaids box
so many squash blossoms, so little time.
rainbow margarita's on taco thursday
My Mountain Man's bachelor t-shirts
assorted burger toppings
customized cups for the C+D party
my obsession with this dog is unhealthy  
making chicken piccata 
willy's burrito bowl perfection
using this picture for a bachelorette lip stick print keepsake 
seriously, she's ridiculous
R.I.P Raven, 17 years strong... and my first pet ever. 
can't wait to reunite with these two!! 
a messy slice of salted caramel pie with snickerdoodle crust
my lady gaga wig for the party!
XOXO, Juliana

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