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Mama Jones' Famous Cranberry Relish Mold

Mama Jones' Famous Cranberry Relish Mold
I've been itchin' in anticipation because turkey day is getting so close. I posted my favorite recipes to put on the table a couple days ago, and y'all should totally make some of those... err or all of them. Either one works for me really. Well today, Peej & I got crackin' on potentially our family's favorite dish... Mama Jones' Cranberry Relish Mold. Now normally any time I hear the word, "mold", I do NOT want it. But, this my friends, is very different. It's so popular that we often have to make two of them because one almost always gets eaten before the important day. This relish might not look like anything special, but it truly is an important part of our family tradition. Fresh cranberries, oranges, apples, and toasted pecans are finely chopped up, and then stirred together with some flavored jello to hold the mold in place. I'm not quite sure where the original recipe came from, and neither do my parents, but I know it tracks back to my grandmother, MiMi, and my great grandmother, Mama Jones. These were the first women in my family to truly love cooking and make it a part of their daily life, so we always have to make this dish in honor of them. And if we don't, then I'm pretty sure my dad would slap us blind. Sometimes we add some fresh jalapeno in when we're feelin' extra spicy, but that decision is purely up to y'all!! Enjoy :)
fresh cranberries, orange peel, + cara cara oranges
Adding in the toasted pecans...

For the Cranberry Relish Mold:
1lb Fresh Cranberries
3 Large Oranges, Zested (using a peeler) & Cut into Quarters
2 Granny Smith Apples
2C Sugar
1C Toasted Pecans, Finely Chopped
2 Packs of Flavored Jello (we like raspberry, black cherry, or cranberry flavored)
1 Packet of Unflavored Gelatin
2C Strained Juice + Water
1 Medium Jalapeno, Finely Minced (optional, if you want it spicy)

1. Toast the pecans in a pan, and then finely chop them by hand. Set them aside.
2. In the bowl of a food processor, grind the cranberries, apples, orange zest peels, and quartered oranges (remove the bitter white pith with a sharp knife) until it is coarse and finely chopped (if you want to add in the fresh jalapeno, mince it up with the other fruit). Pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl and stir in the sugar. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes to extract as much juice as possible.
3. Strain the juice from the chopped fruit into a large measuring cup, and then fill it up with water in order to reach a total of 2C of liquid (orange juice or cranberry juice can be substituted for water instead).
4. Bring the 2C liquid to a boil and add in 3 packs of gelatin, stirring to dissolve. Let it cool slightly to set and thicken before adding it to the fruit. Pour the gelatin liquid over the chopped fruit and stir to coat and combine. Pour into a mold of your choosing.
5. Refrigerate overnight or until it has completely set and chilled.

Here are some pictures of our early Thanksgiving prep...

Southern Braised Collard Greens + Roasted Garlic-Boursin Mashed Potatoes
these... are my jam.
whippin' them up!!
Roasted Garlic-Boursin Mashed Potatoes that will turn into mashed potato casserole, yum :)
Chunky Biscoff Cookie Crust for Cheesecake
The always popular, Pumpkin-Pecan Pie Cheesecake
Homemade Mulled Five Spice Simple Syrup for Autumn Moscow Mules

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