Thursday, October 27, 2011

Buttermilk-Glazed Pumpkin Doughnuts

I haven't been posting many desserts lately, and that's about to change. Today, I'm going to share Buttermilk-Glazed Pumpkin Doughnuts. They really don't need an introduction, I mean what's better than a doughnut? Nothing. And add pumpkin to the mix... delicious! I also loved the sweet dough that balances with the tangy buttermilk glaze. They had a dense, cakey texture, but they weren't too heavy. Enjoy :)
Buttermilk-Glazed Pumpkin Doughnuts 

For the Pumpkin Doughnuts:
1 ¾C AP Flour 
2t Baking Powder
1t Salt
1t Pumpkin Pie Spice
½C Sugar
1T Butter
1 Egg
1t Vanilla
¼C Buttermilk
½C Pumpkin Puree
½-1C AP Flour, For Rolling
Canola Oil, For Frying

For the Buttermilk Glaze:
2C Confectioners’ Sugar
¼C Buttermilk
1t Vanilla

1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt, spices, and sugar. Whisk together the remaining wet ingredients (except for the oil) in another bowl. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ingredients into the dry and stir them around the bowl until the mixture is well combined.
2. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface, rolling the dough to about ½inch thick, and then cut with a doughnut cutter.
3. Heat 2 inches of oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, gently slide the doughnuts into the oil and fry them until one side is lightly browned. Gently flip the doughnuts and allow the other side to cook until lightly browned. Remove from the oil to a paper towel lined plate to drain.
4. To Make the Buttermilk Glaze: Whisk together all of the ingredients in a bowl until smooth. Dip the hot doughnuts into the glaze, making sure they are completely covered. Remove from the glaze to dry on a cooling rack.


  1. Have you try to replace the pumpkin with sweet potatoes? This is what I usually do when I want doughnut. This doughnut has softer texture than regular doughnut. That's why my family loves it much. And the topping could be anything. I use purple sweet potato to get beautiful color. Anyway, I haven't try to make pumpkin doughnut so I think I need to try it this weekend :)
    How to Make Sweet Potato Fries

  2. I have switched pumpkin with sweet potatoes a bunch, I think they have similar taste & texture. But I have not done it with this recipe. I think it would probably work. These doughnuts are different from yeast doughnuts in that they are slightly more dense and have a cake-like texture. And I agree about the topping, I've been wanting to make these with a brown butter or brown sugar glaze, as well. And I love purple sweet potatoes, but I have never used them for a baking recipe, so I definitely will have to!