Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spicy, Pickled Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes on Crostini & Goat Cheese

We just got back from our weekly picnic at Forsyth, and boy did we have the best lobster rolls of my life. I can't wait to post them for y'all, that's how good they were. But, until then, I'm going to post one my favorite recipes from Hugh Acheson's cookbook, A New Turn in the South. If you didn't know, I am absolutely obsessed with Hugh Acheson, his food, & his restaurants. So, when I found out that he was coming out with a cookbook, I actually pre-ordered it like 6 months in advance. I am literally mesmerized by his modern Southern concept. This was the first recipe we actually made, and after that, we made it 3-4 more times because the Summer tomatoes were just so beautiful. Our favorite way to eat this spicy, pickled cherry tomatoes are on some crostini with a smear of goat cheese. It's wonderful and so simple. But, I think these would be awesome as a topping on Italian sandwich or on a burger. That's on the list next. Anyway, you need to hurry up and make these quick while there are so many gorgeous tomatoes out there!! Enjoy :)
Spicy, Pickled Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes on Crostini & Goat Cheese
Southern Bruschetta, y'all :)
For the Spicy, Pickled Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes:
3C Rainbow Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Cut in Halves
1t Salt
1/3C Olive Oil
3 Shallots, Minced
4 Jalapenos, Thinly Sliced
1t Cumin Seeds & Mustard Seeds, Toasted & Ground
2T Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
2t Cane Vinegar
1T Light Brown Sugar
1C Fresh Mint & Fresh Parsley, Chopped
Salt & Pepper, To Taste

For the Bruschetta:
Prepared Spicy Pickled Tomatoes
Goat Cheese, Room Temperature
Fried Bread Pieces or Toasted Crostini

1. For the Spicy Pickled Cherry Tomatoes: Place the tomatoes in a mixing bowl. Season the tomatoes with salt & pepper. In a large frying pan, bring the olive oil to a shimmer over medium-high heat. Add in the shallot, and then the jalapenos. Fry off until tender, about 2 minutes, and then add in the cumin and mustard seed paste. Toast for 1 minute and remove from the heat. Let it cool slightly and carefully add the limejuice, vinegar, and brown sugar, and then pour this mixture over the seasoned tomatoes. Add the mint and parsley, and let it sit at room temperature for 2-3 hours to let the flavors marinate. Store this mixture in the refrigerator until ready to serve. It can be kept for 2 weeks in the bowl or canned for 6-8 months.
2. For the Bruschetta: Spread some of the softened goat cheese onto bread slices or Crostini and then top with the pickled cherry tomatoes.

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