Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life As Of Lately...

Sorry I have been MIA this week...
I promise there will be a new recipe tomorrow afternoon!!
In the meantime, here's my life. as of lately :)
frozen limeade mint juleps.
she who dies with the most amazing memories wins.
atlanta's food truck park.
our dinner tonight: pimento cheese burgers with bacon, red onion
marmalade, + "condiment romaine slaw
best pizza in atlanta. 
bulgogi french fry nachos.
peej's homegrown peppers.
our new party porch is finally complete. 
fried pickles + sangrita 
sunday funday grillin' out burgers.
antique garden roses. 
peach + blackberry heirloom tomato caprese salad... so good you make it twice! 
chicken coleslaw salad.
this is what I come home to at 10PM at night. 
burger "condiment" romaine slaw.
summer nights.
me + my mountain man at the fleetwood mac concert.
perfectly cooked pimento cheese burgers.
grilled romaine cobb salad.
dark chocolate cake with espresso soaking syrup, dulce de leche,
salty bourbon caramel, bittersweet ganache, + ruffled potato chip crown
grilled sausages + roasted pepper salad
drippy drippy caramely goodness.
XOXO, Juliana

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