Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Revamped: The Most Amazing Fried Green Tomato BLT with Savannah Remoulade Sauce

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking... why is this chick posting another recipe for a Fried Green Tomato BLT, when she already has one? I know, I know. I have already made this sandwich. And it was really good. But sometimes your recipes need some updating (like my almond poundcake and my chocolate chip cookies). The last sandwich was a winner, or so we thought, but after watching the Fried Green Tomato BLT Throwdown with Bobby Flay, I was just itchin' to update mine and make it better. And boy was it better, like amazingly better. Hands down, the best thing we have made. Ever. Yes, I know I probably say that a lot. But I really mean it this time. The updated & revamped version consists of thick, crusty bread fried in BACON FAT. You heard me right... bacon fat. It is just that much more delicious and buttery and just melt in your mouth amazing (I don't know if I'm even making sense at this point). I also added some creamy Boursin Cheese, which gives it just a nice tangy taste. I also added more bacon (because god forbid there isn't enough bacon, I mean it's a BLT sandwich isn't it?). But just not any bacon, the thick-cut monster applewood smoked bacon. We also changed from the bibb lettuce to baby arugula. I think this made a HUGE difference in flavor. The baby arugula added a spiciness & bitterness that gave a nice contrast to all the heavy flavors from the bacon and cheese. The last change was the switch from the vidalia-bacon mayo to my Savannah Remoulade Sauce. This is becoming one of my favorite go-to sauces for pretty much anything. It's pretty much the love child of Utah's Fry Sauce & a Cajun Remoulade. It's sweet, tangy, but has a really nice kick. I just love it. It goes with anything too... chicken fingers, french fries, fish sticks... and more importantly, my Fried Green Tomato BLT's. I just can't get over that sandwich. It was so good. And the sandwiches are HUGE. But surprisingly, Clayton managed to hoover down two of them, like that's just ridiculous. Anyway, I really want everyone of you to stop what you're doing and go make this. Like now. GO RIGHT NOW. Ok, well enjoy!!
The Most Amazing Fried Green Tomato BLT with Savannah Remoulade Sauce
For the Savannah Remoulade:
3 Pepperoncinis, Diced
1T Capers
1C Mayo
¼C + 1T Ketchup
¼C Sweet Chili Sauce
1t Garlic Powder
1t Onion Powder
1t Paprika
1t Yellow Mustard
2t Grainy Mustard
1t Horseradish
½t Pepper
1t Pepperoncini Juice
1t Apple Cider Vinegar
½t Cajun Seasoning
2t Texas Pete
2T Bacon Fat Drippings, Cooled
Salt & Pepper, To Taste

For the Fried Green Tomatoes:
2 Green Tomatoes, Cut into ½inch Thick Slices & Patted Dry
1Q Peanut Oil, For Frying
2C AP Flour
1T Paprika
1T Chili Powder
1T Cajun Seasoning
1T Salt
3 Eggs
½C Buttermilk
1T Hot Sauce
1 Box of Panko Breadcrumbs
Salt, For Sprinkling

For the Sandwiches:
4 Slices of Crusty Country Bread, Fried in bacon grease until golden brown
4 Fried Green Tomatoes
8 Slices of Thick Cut Applewood-Smoked Bacon, Cooked (Save the Grease)
Fresh Baby Arugula
Creamy Boursin Cheese, Room Temperature
Prepared Savannah Remoulade Sauce

1.  To Make the Savannah Remoulade: In a food processor or immersion blender, pulse together the Pepperoncinis and capers, until it is a coarse chop (resembling a pickle relish). In a separate bowl, whisk together the mayo, ketchup, and sweet chili sauce until there are no lumps left. Then add the rest of the ingredients & the chopped relish mixture and whisk to combine until it is a smooth, creamy sauce. Refrigerate this sauce for at least an hour (or preferably over night) to let the flavors meld.
2. To Make the Fried Green Tomatoes: Slice the tomatoes to about ½inch thick and place the slices on a paper towel and sprinkle with salt. Let the tomatoes drain for 15-30 minutes. After they have drained, dry the tomatoes a little more with some paper towels, removing any excess moisture. Next, you have to set up a battering station. I use 3 pie tins. For the first station, I mix the flour & the seasonings. For the second station, I whisk together the eggs, buttermilk, and hot sauce. For the third station, pour the contents of one box of Panko breadcrumbs. Now, place the slices of dried green tomato into the flour mixture, then into the egg wash, and finally the panko (making sure they are completely covered). Put the breaded slices on a tin foil-lined baking sheet with a cooling rack on top, and then put the pan into the refrigerator and let the slices rest for about 15-30 minutes.
3. Frying the Tomatoes: Heat your deep fryer to 375 degrees with the peanut oil. Once the oil has heated, pull the chilled slices out of the refrigerator. Fry the slices for 4-7 minutes each (depending on the size of your fryer, mine is pretty small, so I do 2 at a time). The green tomatoes should be golden brown on the outside, but cooked, yet still firm on the inside. Once they are done frying return them to the same baking sheet and sprinkle them with salt immediately. Once all of the tomatoes are fried, put them in an oven on a low temperature to keep them warm while you finish the rest of the sandwiches.
4. Assemble the Fried Green Tomato BLT: On one of the slices, spread a heavy bit of the creamy Boursin cheese, top the cheese with 2-3 slices of the fried green tomatoes, drizzle some of the Savannah Remoulade on top of the tomatoes (this helps the arugula stick), lay on a handful of the baby arugula, making sure it’s compact. Top the arugula with the thick, crispy slices of bacon. Spread a heaping spoonful of more Savannah Remoulade on the other slice of bread and then top it onto the thick bacon. Serve the sandwich immediately.

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