Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asian Noodle Salad

This is my last recipe from our anniversary picnic :( I already miss that day already! Anyway, since we had a themed Asian menu, we needed a side item to go with our Banh Mi's & Tiger Woods'. I ended up making Asian Noodle Salad, that I adapted from a little bit from the most amazing woman ever, The Pioneer Woman. She is just awesome. I didn't change too much, but made the dressing a bit sweeter (because I like things sweet), and changed some of the vegetables around! We really loved this pasta salad, it was perfect for a hot summer day. It makes a whole bunch, so don't make as much as I did if there is only two of you eating it. But, it is one mean salad!! I definitely recommend it for a big family dinner, barbecue, or pot luck! Enjoy :)
Caramel Pork Belly Banh Mi's with Asian Noodle Salad
Asian Noodle Salad
For the Dressing:
Juice of 1 Lime
½C Olive Oil
½C Soy Sauce
2T Rice Wine Vinegar
2-3T Sesame Oil
½C Brown Sugar
¼C Honey
3T Fresh Ginger, Minced
2T Fresh Garlic, Minced
1 Shallot, Minced

For the Asian Noodle Salad:
1 Package of Linguine Noodles, Cooked & Cooled
1 Head of Purple Cabbage, Sliced
1C Shredded Carrot
1 Red Bell Pepper, Sliced Thin
1 Yellow Bell Pepper, Sliced Thin
1 Bag of Bean Sprouts
2 Serrano Peppers, Minced
3T Fresh Thai Basil, Finely Chopped
1 Bunch of Green Onions, Sliced
1 Bag of Shelled Edamame Beans
10oz Whole Cashews, Lightly Toasted

1. To Make the Dressing: In a large bowl, add in the olive oil, and then squeeze in the juice of one lime. Add in the soy sauce, sesame oil, and brown sugar and whisk together until the sugar has dissolved. Lastly, whisk in the fresh minced ginger and garlic until combined. Pour the dressing into a dressing jar and keep in the refrigerator until it is ready to be used. The dressing keep for about 3 days.
2. To Make the Asian Noodle Salad: In a large mixing bowl, toss together all of the ingredients until all of the vegetables are mixed throughout the pasta noodles. Next, whisk or shake the dressing one last time and then pour over the salad. Mix the salad with the dressing with tongs until everything is completely covered.
3. Place the dressed noodle salad on a platter and garnish with more cashews.

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