Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raspberry Hoecakes with Warm Lemon Curd

Today is officially the first day of Alabama & UGA football, YAY! We're up and at 'em early getting all of our tailgate food ready! Today we're making spinach artichoke dip, candied bacon wrapped sausages, buffalo chicken chips, red velvet cake truffles with cheesecake filling, ooey gooey brownie pie, and sangria!! I know it's a lot of food! But before the day gets started and I won't be able to post, I decided to post my recipe for Raspberry Hoecakes with Warm Lemon Curd. My Mountain Man loves hoecakes, but had never had them sweet before (only savory with bacon fat), so I add sugar and fresh raspberries to the batter. And once they were fried up & crispy, we drowned them in homemade lemon curd. These were a great Southern breakfast! Enjoy :)
A Good Ole Stack of Hoecakes
Warm Lemon Curd Spilling Over the 'Cakes
Raspberry Hoecakes with Warm Lemon Curd
For the Lemon Curd:
6 Lemons, Zested
2C Sugar
2 Sticks of Unsalted Butter, Room Temperature
10 Extra-Large Egg Yolks
1C Lemon Juice, Strained
¼t Salt

For the Raspberry Hoecakes:
1C Self-Rising Flour
1C Self-Rising Cornmeal
2 Eggs, Separated
3T Sugar
1C Buttermilk
¼C Water
¼C Sour Cream
2T Vegetable Oil
Melted Butter, For Frying

1. To Make the Lemon Curd: Zest 6 lemons and place the zest into a blender or food processor along with the sugar. Blend these together until you have a lemon sugar mixture. Put this sugar mixture into a mixing bowl and beat in the butter until it is light and fluffy. While still beating, mix in one egg at time a time, and then slowly drizzle in the lemon juice and salt. Once incorporated, pour this mixture into a deep sauté pan and cook on low heat for about 20 minutes until it thickens (it should thicken at 170 degrees), while also making sure that you constantly whisk, so that the eggs don't curdle. Once cooked, let the mixture completely cool in the refrigerator before you use it on the cake, preferably overnight.
2. To Make the Raspberry Hoecakes: In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, and cornmeal, and set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, buttermilk, water, sour cream, and vegetable oil. Make a well in the center of your dry ingredients and pour the liquid mixture into the center. Mix together slowly with a fork until the flour is just incorporated (do not over mix). In another bowl, using a hand held mixer, beat the egg whites until soft peaks form and fold them into the batter until just incorporated.
3. To Cook the Pancakes: Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat, and then add a pat of butter and heat until the butter just begins to sizzle. Scoop roughly ¼C of the hoecake batter into the pan & add a handful of fresh berries on top, and cook until bubbles appear on the top surface and the bottom is golden brown (about 1-2 minutes). Flip over and cook until the bottom is lightly golden brown (about 1 minute). Repeat with the remaining batter. I turned my oven on to the warm setting, so that I could keep the already cooked pancakes warm while I finished cooking the others.
4. Serve with the lemon curd that has been warmed until pourable. Dust with confectioners’ sugar & top with more fresh berries. Enjoy!

*Check out Sweets For A Saturday for this recipe, as well as many others!!*


  1. Never had hoecakes, but these sure do look delicious!

  2. We had never had hoecakes either until we discovered them at Paula Deen's restaurant. Typically they are served savory, but it was a nice change to do them sweet. And I love raspberry + lemon together, so this was the perfect breakfast!

  3. You make breakfast look like the best meal of the day. You're #1 again!!!