Saturday, January 8, 2011

All About Me

the family 
Soooooooooo FINALLY, we are all moved in! Anyway, I promised an introduction yesterday, so here's my pathetic attempt. I grew up in Buckhead, a small area of Atlanta. And as high school  ended, I decided to continue my studies at the University of Alabama, where I had also committed to play soccer for the Women's Soccer team. Unfortunately, I injured myself, and ended up having to cut my soccer career short. So I did what any normal college student would do... partyyyyy. So on my first night of freshman year, I went to a party with a few of my roommates. While walking into the party, a boy held open the door for me and actually said, "Let me get that for you ma'am". And the rest is history, we've been dating ever since... about 3 1/2 years now (crazy I know). So while at Alabama, I decided to enter the nursing program, and I chose to pick up my shit and move to Savannah, Georgia. Luckily for me, my wonderful boyfriend, Clayton, was graduating from Alabama and decided to follow me there. Now we're living in an apartment together with our crazy cat, Taz, and our new puppy, Eloise. Unfortunately I start Nursing School on Monday, so I only have a couple days to roam around our new city. So far we love love looooooove Savannah, it's just absolutely adorable. But today we had to get a lot of stuff done, like get parking passes, books, groceries, and so on. We had some extra time and decided to take Miss Eloise (Lil' Weezy as we call her) to the park for the very first time. She actually did really well, and I mean not many people live in a city that is almost 70 degrees outside in January (the pictures above are all of us at Forsyth Park). But on a side note, although I am going to nursing school, I have a passion for cooking & baking. So I started this blog to share all my recipes that I love making for friends, family, & Clayton. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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  1. Ok I am LOOOOVING this!!! YAY super excited about this decision of yours :)