Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Bombs

So, the dirty dirty birds are on TV as we speak, and I still find time to come on here and post a new recipe. For any big game (Bama, UGA, or Falcons), we always manage to make some kind of tailgate food. Really any game will do, it just gives me an excuse to entertain and eat unhealthy food. Last weekend when we made Buffalo Chicken Dip, so we decided to save half of it in preparation for the Falcons game this weekend. But, I had a marvelous idea... we should make buffalo chicken balls and deep fry them. I mean, what doesn't sound good about that?!? They are heavenly and oh-so-bad. If you have a deep fryer, I think this must be on your bucket list of fried goodies. I hope you enjoy... we are right now!

Buffalo Chicken Bombs
For the Bombs:
1 Buffalo Chicken Dip
1Q Peanut Oil
2C AP Flour
1T Paprika
1T Chili Powder
1T Cajun Seasoning
1T Salt
2 Eggs
1/3C Buttermilk
1T Hot Sauce
1 Box Panko Breadcrumbs
Salt, For Sprinkling
Ranch, For Dipping

1. Heat your deep fryer to 375 with the peanut oil. Once you have made the Buffalo Chicken Dip, and it has cooled. Scoop them and form into compact balls. Return the balls to the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Next you have to set up a battering station. I use 3 pie tins for all of my stations. For the first station, I mix the flour & the seasonings. For the second station, whisk the eggs, buttermilk, and hot sauce. For the third station, pour the contents of one box of Panko bread crumbs.
2. Get the balls from the refrigerator and roll them in the flour mixture, then into the egg wash, and finally bread them with the Panko. 
3. Drop them into the hot oil and fry them for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown, making sure that no cheese is oozing out. Drain them on a paper towel and sprinkle with salt immediately. Your buffalo chicken balls have officially become Buffalo Chicken Bombs (so deadly).
4. Serve them with a side of ranch for dipping. WARNING: they are really hot, so don't burn your mouth!

*Since I already posted a recipe for my Buffalo Chicken Dip last week, I'm not going to retype all the ingredients. So all you really have to do is refrigerate the dip that you made until the mixture has hardened and cooled, and then form them into balls. I used an ice cream scoop so that all of the balls would be the same size. 

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